Summer Classes

Beginning July 9th at 7:30, Yoga/ Pilates fusion. 8 weeks for $120
Beginning July 11th at 9:30, Yoga/Pilates fusion. 8 weeks for $120

Free Yoga in the Park

July 14th, 21st, 28th and August 11th. Classes are at Monora Park in the Township of Mono. Bring a yoga mat.  Classes run rain or shine. For more information, please contact Kim Perryman at  Classes courtesy of The Township of Mono.


Classes start July 9, 2014

Register for classes by calling (905) 936-9642 or email

Classes take place at Guild Chiropractic in Tottenham.
Space is limited to 6 people. All classes are suitable for all levels.

WED 7:30 – 8:45 pm Yoga Pilates Fusion
Begins July 9, 2014 for 8 weeks
FRI 9:30 – 10:45 am Yoga Pilates Fusion
Begins July 11, 2014 for 8 weeks

Yoga Pilates Fusion

A combination of Yoga and Pilates that will strengthen and tone you while helping to restore your sense of centre and peace.

Watch Shira on the Roger's television show "Daytime"

Shira begins by explaining what yoga is and outlining the benefits for body, mind and spirit. She then demonstrates the Tree pose to Daytime co-host Jacqueline Betterton. Thank you to Lululemon for supplying Shira’s outfit. (runs 3:33)